About Us

Boni Sport since 1940. Our sign our future.

From one thousand nine hundred forty our family offers clothing & equipment for sports and leisure.

We dressed generetions of Genoa to the sound of Jeans & Loden, we imported the first brands to technical mountain lovers, we sold the first high-altitude tents signed Messner, we sent hordes of campers and extreme walkers for the whole word. Always there, in a beautiful as difficult historical center of Genoa, in the market square that overlooks Via Gramsci. Piazza dello Statuto. Than came the major restructuring of Via Prè and surrounding areas, the challenge was great (and still is), but we have not pulled back. Thus was born another little mountain corner in the middle of the center of Genoa, in P.zza Truogoli di S.ta Brigida. A BoniSport all climbing, mountaineering , ski mountaineering, ski freeride… and any other thing you can think of.

We did not stop here, the times evolve and what we like is to evolve with them, stay up to date. In recent years we have gone over the city’s bourder line, in one of the most glamour street of Genoa, with the new opening of BoniSport Via Sestri, where we offer the brands that have applied the outdoor culture to the urban style. We have revolutionized our website with a new e-commerce and a new rent equipment page. Above all, we bet on the future of our city, because operate for more than seventy years in a district means to be an integral part of it, for this reason, together with other traders, we created the consortium of companies “Vivere S.ta Brigida”. With it we engage in sports events such as FreeMind Genoa, CineTruogoli film festivals and other artistic and culture events whose objective is the discovery of our historical downtown and its surrounding area's S.ta Brigida. Con esso ci impegniamo in eventi sportivi quali FreeMind Genova, rassegne cinematografiche CineTruogoli e altri appuntamenti artistico culturali il cui obbiettivo è la riscoperta del nostro centro storico e delle sue aree limitrofe.

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